Broken Cat

Ego Grave

Ego Grave detail

Elephant Ghost

Ego Fog

Monochrome Interpretation


Someone Who Has Abandoned The World

African Disco Diving

These paintings, made over a sixteen-year period, utilise a variety of approaches to the canvas or aluminium support, bringing together gestural brushstrokes and other painterly devices, producing tense, energetic images signifying conflict and concordance.

Bordering on states of order and disruption, an intense, vivid energy is expended in their production, the more recent pieces using a more restrained, process-based approach.

Hook Salt

Blue Milk

Hand Song

Primal Scream Collection

Gods Failure

Cashew Narrative

Nervous Fracture detail

Nervous Fracture


Elephant Ghost 4 detail

Lost Name

Sam Osama

Elephant Ghost 4

Elephant Ghost 3

Elephant Ghost

Mishugena Tortoise

Walk Boy

Grow Mask

Hit Mix

Sanity Adhesive

Cat Human

Germ Wood

Cat Skin

Mr T#3

Happy Animal

Dance Upon Nothing

Breaking The Spell

Electric Blood

Surviving Spiderman

Vegetarian Skull

Mediterranean Web

African Web

Northern Web

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Vincent van Gogh

Coagulation Three

Coagulation Eight

Coagulation One

Coagulation Eleven - Detail

Coagulation Eleven

Coagulation Five